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Faster, Forever

The boilerplate with all you need to launch, market your idea, and collect emails!

ValidateFast $100 off  for the first 75 customers (14 left)!

You COULD build it yourself...

+ 4 hrs planning and designing your landing page

+ 4 hrs setting up email system and email templates

+ 4 hrs complying with email unsubscribe/address/anti-spam laws

+ 3 hrs configuring DNS records until they work

+ 4 hrs setting up email system and email templates

+ 3 hrs planning, writing, testing APIs

+ ∞ hrs thinking about every detail...

= 22+ hrs of headaches...

There is an easier way

ValidateFast - Start Validating!

Change your launch process, forever.

Upon purchase, you'll receive immediate read access to the ValidateFast repository.

Effortlessly clone the repository, change the variables, and run the command to deploy your launch page.

Then do it again for all your ideas, forever.

How ValidateFast works
  1. Buy the ValidateFast Boilerplate

    Clone it and customize the landing page if desired

  2. Configure Variables, DNS, & SES

    Setup your project name, link your AWS account, connect your domain, & configure AWS SES. There is extensive documentation to easily guide you with all of this.

  3. run 'node main.js'

    Just go to your terminal, and run this one command

  4. You've Launched!

    That's it - now you can focus more time on marketing and building!

The all-in-one launch kit

ValidateFast Main Features

We used AWS CDK for you to type in one command to launch everything!

Send Emails: $1/10,000 with AWS SES

With AWS Free Tier, your first 3,000 emails sent are also free

Storage: AWS DynamoDB and AWS S3

We use DynamoDB and S3 to store information about subscribers and sent emails

Templated or Custom Site: Easy to modify

Changing the site is as simple as changing the file then redeploying

Infrastructure as Code: Deploy in 1 minute!

We made the infrastructure for you. All you need to do is change some variables and run the command

Watch a tutorial video

Learn how it all works.

Configure variables. Run command. You've launched!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a compilation of frequently asked questions. This list will be regularly updated to include any new inquiries that arise.

Save hours of repetitive code & launch fast, forever.

Suparepos $100 off  for the first 75 customers (14 left)!

Lifetime Package

Launch Better & Faster, Forever

$249$149/ one time
  • Unlimited Launches, Forever
  • Send Emails at $1/10,000 Emails
  • Practically Unlimited Free Email Storage
  • Website Template Included
  • Beautiful Email Template Included
  • All Data Generated Owned by You!
  • Extensive & Detailed Documentation on Usage
  • Lifetime Updates
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ValidateFast is the go-to boilerplate with all you need to deploy a launch page with email collection in minutes.
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